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"Wednesday Lunch  Specials"

  September 17th  2014


Come in and have lunch in our 
"New Dining Room"

Soups of the day:

 1-Italian Wedding 
2-Lobster Bisque 
3-Chicken Noodle

1) Homemade Lasagna:Our family recipe with layers of pasta stuffed with ground angus beef, ricotta, mozzarella, parmigiano and herbs. Topped with mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection with our marinara sauce. Served with garlic rolls. Unbelievable!!!    $8.25
2) Homemade Seafood Salad:
Fresh lettuce topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, red onions, roasted peppers and our homemade seafood salads. Served with choice of dressing and homemade garlic rolls.$6.95
3) Chicken Pepper Jack Panini:Delicious Ciabatta bread stuffed with grilled
chicken breast mushrooms, fire roasted red peppers and pepper jack cheese.
Grilled and served with a side of salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.                 $6.95
4) Southwest Jack Burger:Grilled to perfection & topped with pepper jack cheese,
Grilled mushrooms & roasted peppers; Served on a Kaiser roll with a side of fries.   $6.50
5) Individual Whole Wheat Veggie Stromboli: Fresh garden vegetables grilled to perfection and wrapped with our whole wheat dough with mozzarella. baked to perfection and Served with our delicious homemade marinara sauce.                                                $6.75
6)New York Style Rueben:Fresh corned beef served on rye bread with Finlandia Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing and a side of chips. Choice of grilled or cold.            $6.75
7) Norristown Style Zep on a Hoagie Roll:Cooked salami and Provolone cheese
Served on a hoagie roll with tomatoes, red onions, hot peppers, olive oil and oregano. $5.75
8) Havana Roast Pork Sandwich Platter: Fresh baked roast pork, imported ham, Swiss cheese, mayo and zesty horse radish. Served on a Kaiser roll with a side of crispy fries.$6.75
9) Chicken Cajun Wrapini: Fresh grilled chicken tenders Cajun style wrapped
on a tortilla with lettuce, tomatoes and a blend of Monterey and Cheddar cheeses.
Grilled on our Panini Grill and served with chips.                                                      $6.50
10) Featured Pizza: “Whole Wheat Margherita” A personal size whole wheat pizza made fresh to order with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, fresh basil & XVOO.           $6.95
11) Penne & Hot Sausage Fra Diavolo: Maglio hot Italian sausage with penne pasta sautéed in garlic & olive oil in a spicy marinara with Parmigiano & a side of garlic rolls.$7.50
12) Chicken Parmigiana Grinder: Hand breaded chicken cutlets fried golden, topped with marinara sauce, Parmigiano and mozzarella cheeses. Baked to perfection.      $6.75
13) American Tuna Melt: Our famous tuna salad served on rye bread with tomatoes
and American cheese. Melted to perfection and served with a side of chips.              $6.50
14) Chicken Jalapeños Wrapini:
Fresh grilled chicken tenders with jalapeños peppers, fried onion and provolone cheese. Wrapped in a low-carb tortilla and grilled on our Panini Grill and served with chips.$6.25
15) Smoked Turkey Ranchero Sandwich:
Fresh sliced smoked turkey served on an onion roll with pepper jack cheese & crispy bacon. Smothered with ranch dressing and served with a side of chips.                                 $6.75
16) Low-Carb Ham Delight:  Imported ham (97% fat free) and honey mustard dressing wrapped in a low-carb tortilla with lettuce and tomatoes. Served with chips.                        $6.50
17) Cranberry Chicken Salad: Fresh lettuce topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, red onions, peppers, homemade white meat chicken salad and dry cranberries.
Served with a choice of dressing and our famous and delicious garlic rolls.                $6.95
18)Trenton Brand Pork Roll & Cheese on a Kaiser Roll:Freshly sliced pork roll with American cheese grilled and served on a Kaiser roll with a side of potato chips.     $4.95
19) Side of our homemade potato salad:                                                                 $2.95
20) Dino’s Fresh Fruit Salad: Freshly sliced pineapples, Cantaloupes, honey dews, oranges & grapes marinated in a light lemon juice. Refreshing!                                    $3.50

Try our new Desserts:
Cannoli, Tiramisu, Chocolate Chip Brownies, Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Lovers Cake & Cheese Cake
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